Accelerate your Product Development

Typical product development life cycle

Reducing the product development timeline will cut product time-to-market into half and could guarantee companies the space to capitalize on everything from being first-to-market and gain a competitive advantage over technology.

In today's dynamic situation OEMs need to keep up-to-date with technologies, change in customer's behaviors, competition, and the economic environment shifts. Hence, the challenge is to make crucial decisions promptly and invest money in a constantly changing environment to succeed.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluate Chipset performance in live network and get the detail reporting.

How Reference Design will Accelerate Time-to-Market?

Development Board

The Dev Board comes with pre-configured sensors and modules (GNSS, 4G/5G, Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Neural Network Accelerators, WLAN, IMU, MCUs etc.)

Cloud platform 

Cloud backend solution for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management.

Contract Manufacturing

Our CM partners can customized end-to-end solution from initial product conceptualization and product development on through to volume manufacturing.