Connected Public Transport 

Connected Public Transport is one of the most admired Use Case around the world.

Smooth and fast public transport is of growing importance in cities that suffer from traffic congestion. The majority of Smart Cities around the world have adopted smart systems that provide their citizens with technology so they can commute easier, faster, and more reliably with public transport.

Our state-of-the-art on-board vehicle gateway solution can be integrated with the public transportation systems that combine real-time monitoring of public transportation, vehicles' locations, and routes. The system can provide notifications and personalized travel news to passengers.

Traffic Monitoring and Management

A traffic monitoring and management system (TMMS) helps monitor and manage traffic flows efficiently. Our connected vehicle solution provides detailed real-time information to TMMS to help monitor and manage transportation system performance.

The TMMS can take actions like adjusting traffic signals and speed limits, notifying maintenance crews dispatching maintenance vehicles to the road, and broadcasting and display warnings for motorists. Drivers can get real-time road and weather information on their devices so they can plan trips accordingly.

First Responders

Emergency responders and public safety agencies are uniquely impacted by the advent of new connected vehicle technologies and trends in transportation, communication, and city management.

Enabling connectivity in passenger vehicles and on the first responder's vehicle will bring benefits to our society. The primary benefit of connecting vehicles with the paramedics' system lies in the optimization of the rescue chain, so that appropriate rescue measures can be put in place faster. The connected eco-system will reduce the delay and notify in advance the medical facility about the victim's condition.

Video Surveillance & Analytics

AI-powered video surveillance and analytics systems help to detect specific situations, e.g. accidents, crimes, potential threats, or recognize specific features (face recognition, demographics, etc.) and notify the city center and law enforcement agency immediately. This Smart City use case is particularly beneficial in highly crowded urban areas where humans cannot observe all the information at once and in time. 

We offer a variety of custom real-time video monitoring solutions that support existing infrastructure and do not require a hardware upgrade.

Smart Parking

Instead of relying on sheer luck when looking for available parking spaces, drivers benefit from smart parking technologies that provide turn-by-turn guidance navigating them to the most convenient parking space.

Smart parking solutions detect parking space availability in real-time, helping to optimize on-street parking in cities and in parking garages or surface parking lots such as those in shopping malls, train stations, corporate campuses, and more.

Many cities across the globe have committed to mitigating the negative impact of cars on the environment. Drivers looking for available parking spaces are not only wasting their time and fuel, but their vehicles are also adding to the congestion in the city and emitting CO₂.

Air Quality Management 

Currently, most cities measure air pollution using a collection of large environmental monitoring stations. These stations are accurate in measuring air quality data, but their high cost often limits the number of deployments, resulting in gaps in coverage.

Real-time and location-based air quality monitoring allow citizens to make better and more informed choices about how they spend their time indoors or outdoors.

Our Connected solution can provide dynamic and real-time air-quality data without heavy investment in infrastructure.

The location-based crowdsource data point can be collected for analytics and will be shared with the public immediately to help reduce people's exposure to harmful air pollutants.