On-Board Vehicle Gateway

Our On-Board vehicle gateway plays a critical role in the operation of a modern vehicle by facilitating communication and data exchange between the various systems and networks in the vehicle.

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Harnessing Sensor Data

The Vehicle Gateway facilitate communication between the various electronic systems in a vehicle.
A vehicle gateway is responsible for performing tasks such as data management, security, and connectivity. It is also responsible for managing the flow of data between the various systems in the vehicle and ensuring that data is transmitted securely. It may also connect the vehicle to external networks, such as the internet, to allow for the exchange of data with other devices and systems.

Gateway Features

Protocol Translation

Translating data and control information to/from incompatible networks to enable communications between them.

Data Routing

Routing of data on a path to reach its intended destination. It may be on different networks requiring protocol translation.

Diagnostic Routing

Routing of diagnostic messages between external diagnostic devices and ECUs which may involve translation between diagnostic protocols such as DoIP and UDS. 


Filtering inbound and outbound network traffic based on rules, disallowing data transfers from unauthorized sources. 

Message Mirroring

Capturing data from received interfaces to transmit over another interface for diagnostics or data logging (storage)

Intrusion Detection

Monitoring network traffic for anomalies that may indicate intrusion

Network Management

Manages the states and configuration of the network and ECUs connected to network, and support diagnostics.

Key Management

Secure processing and storage of network keys and certificates.

OTA Management

Managing remote OTA firmware updates of ECUs within the vehicle that are accessible from the gateway.

Compute and Processing

Reduce the dependency on the cloud computing and run the application locally at the edge. Reduce carrier bills, cloud infrastructure and storage costs.

Sensor Suite

Connect wide variety of sensors with the gateway over multiple I/O, Protocol, Buses and digital/analog interfaces.

Connectivity and Networking

The gateway is 5G ready and support multiple interfaces and built-in drivers to support Cellular, WLAN, BT, LoRAWAN, TSN, GNSS modules.

Managed Cloud Services

Train and deploy your own application, AI/ML modes using our Cloud Platform.
Manage over the air software update, hardware and services over cloud.