About us

Gauss Moto, established in 2018, is a dynamic technology company situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Our primary focus lies in the advancement of mobility technology to shape the future of transportation.

At Gauss Moto, we offer a diverse range of products and solutions that span across electric vehicle (EV) technology, innovative battery pack design, and cutting-edge advancements in connected vehicles and artificial intelligence (AI). By combining these elements, we strive to enhance customer safety and satisfaction in the realm of transportation.

Our accomplished team brings a wealth of experience from various backgrounds, encompassing software development, hardware engineering, system engineering, and supply chain management. Our team members have previously contributed their expertise to esteemed companies such as Tesla, Apple, GM-Cruise, Open Robotics, and other renowned technology enterprises.

Driven by a strong mission, Gauss Moto aims to construct a connected ecosystem that not only elevates personal safety but also enhances productivity and facilitates efficient operational management for businesses.

To bolster our projects, we have established valuable technology and research and development partnerships with esteemed counterparts based in Asia and Europe. These collaborations bring forth invaluable technological advancements and engineering expertise, enabling us to support and scale our endeavors effectively.

With a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to technological innovation, Gauss Moto endeavors to redefine the future of mobility, revolutionizing the way we move and interact with our vehicles.