Gauss Moto's full stack connectivity solution is designed to help Autonomous Vehicles achieve the high levels of connectivity and performance that are necessary for safe and efficient operation.

Gauss Moto offers a full connectivity stack solution for autonomous vehicles (AVs) that includes a range of hardware and software components. 

The middleware APIs and multi modem gateway enables communication between the various components in the stack and facilitate the exchange of data. 

A Comprehensive Connectivity Solutions for your applications.

The 4x4 MIMO WiFi-6 solution is a high-speed wireless technology that can be used to provide connectivity for AVs, allowing them to communicate with their surroundings and access real-time data.

Connecting your devices seamlessly over cellular connectivity comes with multiple challenges. Most of the time you need to manage lots of components - hardware, operating systems, network protocols, modem modules, SIM card, cellular network, RF/Antenna and more.

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To make the entire process simple and easy we provide software solutions for the range of hardware from Raspberry Pi to Intel Desktops.Get your devices up and connected in minutes with our easy-to-use, developer friendly hardware/ software solutions.


Global Connectivity

Remote Diagnostics

OTA Update

Open API

Integrated GPS

RF/Antenna Optimization