Most Advanced Electric Mobility Solution for Motorcycles 

Imagine what is Possible with Technology

Electric Mobility Solution

We have designed an electric mobility platform using a range of the most innovative and productive technologies available in the market. 

Gauss Moto Technology help to prevent or mitigate the severity of a crash by alerting the rider to potential hazards and providing assistance in avoiding or braking to avoid a collision. 

These systems can use radar, lidar, and cameras to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects in the roadway and provide the rider with visual, auditory, or haptic warnings.

Our team of specialized experts, from mechanical and electrical engineers to product design teams, we have designed the motorcycle of the future. 

Connectivity enhance the safety of a motorcycle by allowing it to communicate with other vehicles, infrastructure, and the internet to exchange information about traffic conditions, road hazards, and other factors that may affect the rider's journey. By incorporating these technologies, we are making your electric mobility platform more intelligent and improve the safety and efficiency of riding.

We are incorporating the best and most modern technologies into our products. We are committed that our motorcycle technology is reliable, efficient, and capable of meeting the needs of riders.

We have leveraged Computer vision and sensor fusion technologies to improve the safety and functionality of an electric motorcycle.

We strongly believe by leveraging computer vision and sensor fusion technologies, we can make a driving motorcycle a safer and more enjoyable experience for riders.