Say Hello to Vehicle Edge Gateway : 5G Ready!

"Vehicle data spun off by surging vehicle connectivity, will be critical for generating revenue, reducing costs, and increasing safety and could represent a valuable pool of up to $750 billion by 2030"

--McKinsey 2018

The numbers projected by McKinsey are too optimistic and overwhelming. The value of these numbers largely depends upon the ecosystem build-around connected cars and platform that can support various applications and large data.

Around 15 percent of cars today are equipped with embedded connectivity solutions also known as telematics control units (TCUs) which lack the components required to support high-speed in-vehicle networking and Cloud connectivity.

As autonomous vehicle systems are becoming progressively more complex, the automotive industry requires a universal framework to build a globally accepted eco-system. Unfortunately, no such standard exists today for AVs and connected cars, which is one of the key foundations for data-driven value creation in mobility.

At Gauss Moto we have developed an Edge Vehicle Gateway with AI Neural network accelerators delivers up to four trillion operations per second (TOPS) and a Cloud Platform where the Service providers, Mobility providers, Smart Cities, OEM (and dealers), Infrastructure, and authorities can develop and deploy their use cases.

Introducing Gauss Moto's 5G Ready Vehicle Edge Gateway.

The gateway comes with powerful AI Cores, built-in 4G/WLAN Connectivity, Embedded GNSS, IMU, Gigabit Ethernet (TSN support).

Supported OS: Windows, Ubuntu, Yocto

Scalable Backend with support of protocols - MQTT, CoAP, RTSP, and HTTP.

AI Neural network accelerators support framework : TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet, Kaldi, OpenVINO, ONNX, Open CV4

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