Smart Mobility


We bring learning, skills and expertise to accelerate product development

Future of Mobility

Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Electrification, and Shared mobility are the key drivers of innovation in E-Mobility space.

Most companies and startups are facing a long development cycle due to lack of in-house expertise and a limited R&D budget and often miss time to market opportunities.

What we do ?

Gauss Moto offers Technology Solutions and Software Services to companies developing high-quality mobility products and solutions.

We are focused on providing IoT/Networking, Robotics, and AI/ML Application solutions for small to midsize projects.

Core Expertise

AI and IoT
Computer Vision
Sensors Integration

Why do companies choose us ?

The best way to reduce the risk in product development is to validate assumptions early with small investments of time and resources.

Often there are tools and techniques available that can help accelerate product development without reinventing the wheel.

Our expert team brings decades of product development experience and skills which reduces long development time and R&D budget.


Gauss Moto 5G enabled on-board Vehicle Gateway Reference design help auto OEMs and Transportation companies to accelerate their product development cycle and reduce the cost of R&D.

The vertically integrated platform provides pre-configured applications, SDKs and APIs for custom applications development



Full Stack web3.0 development, Blockchain Protocol. NFT and Smart Contract deployment


100+ neural network models are available to try and pick the right one for your application.

Computer Vision

API for video processing operations: decode, process, and encode. 

4G/5G Connectivity

5G/4G integration with OS, RF/Antenna Optimization, Detail network monitoring and logging.

NLP/Speech Rec.

Libraries and demos to demonstrate end-to-end speech recognition. 

Fleet Management 

Plug n Play solution for fleet predictive maintenance, Asset and cargo management.

OTA Update

Managing remote OTA (FOTA/SOTA) updates of ECUs and Application.

Remote Diagnostics

Configure and monitor vehicle ECUs performance. Teleoperation, Debug and diagnose.

End-to-End Product Management

Gauss Moto support you in your product development Journey.

  • Product Development & Strategy
  • Product Design
  • API Development
  • Dashboard
  • Contract Manufacturing

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