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Software is rapidly reprogramming the transportation industry.
The biggest disruptions in recent years- Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Computer Vision, Cloud Computing and Blockchain -all rely heavily on leading-edge software.
Further disruption in these areas lies ahead. OEMs, suppliers, and new players across the industry hope to capture critical control points in this new, software-driven value chain.

Endless Applications, Trillion Dollar's of Opportunities 


As the landscape shifts, companies that lack sufficient software capabilities will face major risks, including start-of-production (SOP) delays and budget overruns.They may also fall further behind competitors and new entrants that can bring far more innovative products much faster to the market.'
Even more troubling, software issues could lead to massive recalls or leave companies vulnerable to customer-safety risks resulting from hacking attacks.


Financial Institutions

Telecom Operators

Fleet Managers

Car Rental 

Ride Sharing


Logistics & Transportation 

Charging Infrastructures 


Gauss Moto 5G enabled on-board Vehicle Gateway Reference design help auto OEMs and Transportation companies to accelerate their product development cycle and reduce the cost of R&D . Get your application up and connected in minutes with our easy-to-use, developer friendly products. Scale up with using our easily managed, reliable, and fully-integrated ecosystem.

We believe the preeminent hardware is the key to a successful product, therefore  we have designed the state of the art hardware.

Software Stack

One solution for multiple use cases

The vertically integrated platform provides pre-configured applications, SDKs and APIs for custom applications development



Full Stack web3.0 development, Blockchain Protocol implementation, NFT Creation and Deployment, Token Creation and Deployment, Smart Contracts Development.


100+ neural network models are available to try and pick the right one for your application such as object detection, classification, image segmentation, handwriting recognition, text to speech, pose estimation, and others.

Computer Vision

API for video processing operations: decode, process, and encode. Supports H.265, H.264, MPEG-2, and more codecs. Video processing can be used to resize, scale, de-interlace, color conversion, de-noise, sharpen, and more.

4G/5G Connectivity

5G/4G integration with OS, RF/Antenna Optimization, Detail network monitoring and logging, API to configure device settings. Throughput and Performance evaluation. Data transfer over WLAN at upto 3.8 GBps.


Integrated GNSS Solution that can receive signals from the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou constellations with ~0.2 meter accuracy using RTK. Support Accelerometer, Gyroscope, NMEA, GPSD and other gps visualization scripts.

NLP/Speech Rec.

Libraries and demos to demonstrate end-to-end speech recognition. The package contains - Speech Libraries, Wake word detection, Offline Speech Recognition , Live Speech Recognition and TTS/STT samples.

Fleet Management 

Plug n Play solution for fleet predictive maintenance, Asset and cargo management and optimization, Internal and external vehicle monitoring for theft prevention.

OTA Software Update

Managing remote OTA firmware updates of ECUs within the vehicle that are accessible from the gateway.

Remote Diagnostics

Configure and monitor vehicle ECUs performance. Teleoperation, Debug and diagnose vehicle issues over the air. Instant notification and alerts. Support EVs, Drones, Robots and Industrial gateways. 

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