We envision a safe, secure, and connected future therefore we are investing in technology to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and to create a connected ecosystem. 

About us

GaussMoto is backed by a group of engineers from silicon valley. Our highly qualified team comes with a diverse background in Software, Hardware, and System engineering and have experienced working with Tesla, Apple, Cisco, Qualcomm, and other top-notch technology companies.

Our technology and R&D partners and based in San Francisco, Europe, Taiwan, and China brings the highest quality technology to the industry involving a vast range of products from Electric vehicle technology, Battery pack design, Next-generation technology for connected vehicles as well as the Advanced telematics and Artificial intelligence to improve customer safety and satisfaction.

Our Projects

We are investing in disruptive technologies for next horizon of performance improvements such as machine-to-machine digital connectivity, Connected Vehicles, Telematics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. We believe that using our connected ecosystem, customers can tap into the previously unexplored territory, improving a range of services from convenience and safety to overall performance and profitability.

Remote diagnostics

Anticipate service needs before the incident and reduce unplanned downtime!

Traditionally diagnostics on a vehicle occur when the vehicle is at a service center for routine maintenance or when any physical issue is detected on the vehicle. Enabling connectivity in the vehicle the onboard computer can accurately report the reason for failure and reduce diagnostic time and repair time up to 40%.

Asset Tracking

As of today still, most of the transportation and logistics companies use a paper and file system, which requires employees to sign off particular deliveries and monitor assets through their analysis. Such systems are inefficient due to the time they take and are also prone to human errors.

Gauss Moto platform provides a range of benefits that simply cannot be achieved through paper systems alone. Our solution provides geolocation throughout the journey of a vehicle, which allows for more efficient tracking of fleets and can be used to determine both arrival times and inform any delays that may occur.


In many industries, such as manufacturing, retail, and energy, IoT technologies are being used to digitize and automate processes with the goal of reduction in operations costs.

Connected logistics and asset management solutions deliver near-real-time visibility and insights from data analytics which includes the location, condition (temperature, humidity), and handling (tilting, dropping, shock, vibration, open box) of packages which can be tracked on an individual level.

Deep Learning and AI

Machine-learning algorithms are growing more powerful as computing power advances and big data proliferates.

Gauss Moto is developing various AI/ML models to improve driver and passenger safety, predictive maintenance and to improve fuel economy.  


Applying digital, analytics, and IoT technologies are worth over a trillion dollars of value for industrial companies.

IoT and advanced analytics are revolutionizing services and creating new sources of value for industries.

Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence can be applied to large data sets to generate new insights and enable better decision making in predictive maintenance, quality management, demand forecasting, and other areas.

Electronic Payment

In-vehicle payments would address some pain points for consumers in paying for fuel, toll, parking, media contents.

In-car payments will soon be within all drivers' reach. In the near future, you will be able to complete purchases and make payments directly from your vehicle consoles. Your car will be your wallet and you won't need to get out of your vehicle to pay for toll, gasoline or parking spaces.

Data Security

Data security has become a pressing priority for OEMs and tech companies as connectivity becomes ever more present in the vehicles. 

Our platform and service give you the peace of mind when it comes to protecting the data that belongs to you.

The data from the device transferred to private connection to the cloud without exposing devices to the Internet and eliminate the risk of getting hacked. Create a fully secure cellular data connection between devices and cloud using the Virtual Private Network (VPN).